Quick Physics V2

by Amandeep in Addons

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V2.0 Out Now!

> Faster performance using the new domain system
    Realtime comparison V1 vs V2:

> Adjust settings after starting the simulation. (Turn OFF auto apply in settings)
> Many Bug fixes for issues reported by users.

Quick Physics

Introducing Quick Physics, a user-friendly Blender addon designed to simplify your simulation tasks. With Quick Physics, you can effortlessly add realistic physics simulations to your Blender projects with just a few clicks.

Cloth Panels:

Easily create puffed parts in objects, such as hard surface models, using Quick Physics' cloth panel simulation feature. This tool makes it simple to add realistic details to your models without the need for manual adjustments.

Cloth Dropping Simulation:

Quickly generate cloth-dropping simulations with the click of a button. Whether you're animating falling tablecloth or creating a pile of fabrics, Quick Physics makes it easy to achieve natural-looking results.

(model from Blenderkit.com,https://www.blenderkit.com/asset-gallery-detail/a75b2d87-b750-4c06-a151-3a941fbcf4a3/)

Rigid Body Simulation:

Streamline your workflow by using Quick Physics' rigid body simulation feature to distribute objects naturally. Whether you're scattering rocks on a terrain or filling a container with objects, this tool saves you time and effort.

(This was achieved by using a turbulence force field)

Curve Simulation:

Quick Physics automatically pins the endpoints of curves for you, making it effortless to simulate dynamic curves such as ropes or cables. No need for manual adjustments – just select the curve and let Quick Physics handle the rest.

(model from Blenderkit.com, https://www.blenderkit.com/asset-gallery-detail/f44cb2a9-0a07-4182-be7c-a99898ccab9e/)

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Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
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