Quick Interface Language Switch

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Usage guide

Quick Interface Language Switch addon it will help you switch the interface language very quickly Blender. In this case, the switch button will always be available in the status bar and will not take up much space.
You can also assign a hotkey or add it to the Q menu.

 Check out this gif for more information:

Prototyping with the support of 😌 Serpens - Visual Scripting Addon


Download and Install

After purchase, you can download the zip or .py file.

I uploaded two versions (one is latest, one is older), please install the latest file. The older file is for emergency only (if the latest one has critical bug).

Open Blender's Edit > Preference > Add-ons, then click install on the top of dialog.
Select the zip file to install. (Do not unzip it, the zip file has to be installed as a whole)

Update :
When I release new update, I will announce it.

Please come back here and download it. Before update please uninstall the old one in blender and remove it completely. Then install the new zip file again.


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