Projection Modeling

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An add-on for Blender that creates 3D models using 2D projections. You can create these projections based on curves and mesh planes and be able to control the 3D shape with your projections in real time. For me it was quite difficult to create such shapes and details, rather even impossible, but with the help of this method you can now do what is impossible for many, create parts, low-poly models, in some cases high-poly models, build according to drawings, parts of different shapes, the application is quite extensive, everyone will find a use. I also expanded functions that optimize the mesh and work with curves, watch my preview video


Tutorial on the basic principles of the addon and its capabilities, demonstrated using curves

An additional lesson, for those who find it difficult to work with curves, I show the basic ways of working with curves, the techniques that I use, as well as a small time-lapse on creating projection profiles based on curves.

The second lesson on projection modeling in blender, focusing on working with mesh projections, I will also show combined work with curves and mesh planes, I will show how to make text using projections, and some basics that were not included in the first lesson

Lesson about new modes of work, as well as how you can use the Curve Work addon together with the projection modelling addon, the first part of the video will be dedicated to beginners, I will show a lot of interesting things.

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Update 1.1.4

-Added operation modes 2D fill and Pure Curve ( Pure Curve mode is virtually bug free, works well in conjunction with the Curve Work addon)
-Bug fix (Origin of the projection object is now in the right place, now it is not necessary to select with the active object)

Update 1.1.3

-Adaptation for blender 4.1

Update 1.1.2

- Improved function for connecting mesh projections (You can now create a projection object from a mesh plane filled with face or empty paths.)
-The function of adding objects to the collection of projections has been improved (previously it was only possible to have an active object, now you can add several at once, mixing mesh and curves)
-Minor bug fixes

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Published 9 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4
License GPL
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