Production-Ready Male Character

by Samsonov Shop in Models

Complete production-ready character for you!

After 9 months of work, I am proud to finally offer that product to you. It is a natural continuation of my male basemesh model. So if you need a charatcter for any kind of scene that's definetely for you!

Why should you buy it?

Well, the answer is quite easy: to save hours and hours of work. I went all the path of creating that character and believe me - it is so much thing to do for everything to work properly. By buying the product you get the character, which most likely will suite to your scene. It is ready for animation and still allows some customization. It has also an ability to switch quality of the objects for both render or viewport to save memory, if you need the character to be on the background, for example. All the materials look quite photorealistic even for close-ups, so if you're are making not stylized short movie that will suite for it.


  • High quality quad meshes for body, clothes and accessories
  • High quality and high resolution textures for every piece of the model
  • Complex customable shaders
  • Abllity to change the quality of the model based on your needs
  • Complex particle system for hairs, beard and even little fur on the whole body
  • Complete rig (including facial rig)
  • Accurately painted weights for smooth deformations
  • Proxy mesh for fast playback in the viewport for animation
  • Pose library

See documentation tab to see how to use the model

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Published almost 8 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
License Creative Commons
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