Procedural Textured Eye - Super Simple To Edit

by Sanctus in Models

*NEW VERSION 1.1* 1.1 demo:

UPDATE 1.12: Now you can scale and apply transformations and the eye textures will remain in place.

Super simple to edit Procedural textured eye for Blender, fully customizable and compatible with Cycles and EEVEE.

-No need to edit the materials at all, just change the values to create all sort of cool eyes and animations.

-Iris dilates and contracts textures as the pupil changes size

v 1.0

*NEW* v 1.1

-34 settings to create a wide range of eye styles

-2 iris shapes
-Eye presets included (cloned Materials)
-Text with the default values included in the material frame
-Compatible with EEVEE and Cylces
-Change pupil ratio to make vertical and horizontal pupils
-Glowing iris option

Complete Settings (v1.1)

Iris + Pupil Node

Eyeball Node

6/26/2020 - Added more control over the veins.

26/11/2020 - 1.1 UPDATE:

Reworked veins and iris from zero, way more realistic and even more easy to edit. The demo video is just to explain how to use it, theres a 2nd video showing de v1.1.

1.1 Demo:

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