Procedural Chair (Blender Geometry Nodes)

by Astronet in Models

Procedural chair is a dynamic asset library of chairs generated automatically with geometry nodes from just one object in blender.


- By simply changing the parameters on the sliders, you can variate the chair  in so many ways
- 34 Sliders in total for easy customization of the chair.
- Thousands (actually try hundred of thousands!) of unique chairs can potentially be created from this.


Blender version 3.0 alpha or higher is necessary for this


This is a demo that was originally meant to be a set of tools (Node groups)  that should facilitate assembling different modular parts to make a complete procedural asset in minutes! As such more updates and additional tools will be added to this model as the main tools are developed further.

Known Limitations:

Using multiple copies or instances of this chair will partially break functionality as some sliders (that controls shape keys) will not work for those instances except the original. This is due to limitations of Geo-Nodes not supporting shape keys yet. As soon as that is implemented or the "attribute transfer" node is updated as per this build:⚙ D11835 Topology mapping mode for Attribute Transfer node (  then the models will be updated immediately. Right now it works for the main model as the shape keys are driven by drivers and not done inside geometry nodes

What version should you get?

get the Chair model only version if all you want is this model to be used for your scene right now as it is. They will be minimal to no update on this version. However, Get the pro chair model if you want to get the full set of node groups as well as usage instructions for making any procedural asset in minutes when it is done. They will be regular updates for this version until the tools are fully developed

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Dev Fund Contributor
Published 2 months ago
Software Version 2.93
Render Engine Used cycles
Misc Data normal-mapped, textured
License Royalty Free
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