Pro Lens 2

by William Landgren in Addons

(UPDATE) Just added a new version that works with Blender 4.0 - Pro Lens 2.1. - It also comes with some new changes, improvements and bug fixes. 

This is the version 2.0 of the Pro Lens add-on. I've really gone in and remade the whole thing and I'd say it's quite different from the last version and a whole lot better. Everything is now a lot more smooth to use and works great with the newer versions of blender. I've added buttons and panels in the Camera Properties where you can add or remove the effect, adjust the strength and add natural vignetting. I've also made sure that you can adjust the focal length and change the ratio while still having all of the lens elements line up. Something that made the old version pretty clunky to use. I've also added a feature that allows you to auto correct the brightness so your image won't get dark when using the add-on. I have removed the different dirt elements and color adjustments to make the whole thing a little easier to use but those are some things that I might add in the future.

(Below 4.0) - Some stuff to be aware of: It's recommended to keep your F-stop at 2.8 as that is what the bokeh is designed after. You might get some weird bokeh if you do decide to change it. You could go into edit mode of the bokeh parts and manually scale them up or down but it's a lot easier just keeping the stops at 2.8.

If you are having any issues please feel free to contact me and I'll try my best to help :)

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