Post Apocalyptic Scene

by Entity Designer in Models

Download and unzip the fille, in the unzipped carpet you have got a blend file and a texture carpet, only you need open the blend file with blender 2.81 and press render :D.

Warnings and suggests:

- This scene is a bit complex, so you need a lot of ram (in my case this scene use 7 gb of ram and 3 gb of vram).

- If for a reason the textures are missing.
   Go to: File -> External Data -> Find Missing Files, find and select the textures carpet.

- Please open this scene in blender 2.81 not in 2.80 because the mapping node are changed and blender 2.80 can't read this.

If you don't know where can download blender 2.81. only you go to in the download section scroll down the page and find the experimental releses.