Polestar Synergy 2023

by Nominous in Models

Description: A highly detailed exterior and interior of Polestar's Synergy 2023 concept car. Modeled in Blender using camera matched reference images and subdivision surfaces. Some objects have had a level of subdivision applied and cut afterwards for better shading.

Instructions: Import the Alembic, FBX, or OBJ file into your renderer of choice, apply two or three levels of Catmull-Clark subdivision surface to each object (exceptions listed below), apply the included textures for text over your custom car textures, and render. If you use Blender 3.6.5+, simply open the .blend file and the scene will be ready to render in Cycles.


  • 1,200,358 Verts
  • 2,393,101 Edges
  • 1,193,020 Faces
  • 2,387,390 Tris
  • 115 Objects

Dimensions: 454cm length x 214cm width x 107cm height

Subdivision: All objects except the ones listed below are designed to have two or three levels of Catmull-Clark subdivision surface applied at render time in order to match the beauty shots in the product listing.

No Subdivision Required: The following objects do not have to be subdivided.

  • ShadowPlanes

UVs: All objects have been manually UV unwrapped except for the tires, which I used an automated solution for.

Textures: Some base color/albedo/emission textures for text and markings have been included in TIF format and they're named after the object they're used on for easy identification. Materials for the car paint, metal, plastic, etc. are only included in the .blend file. Placeholder materials are included for easy application of your custom materials to each object if you're not using the .blend file.

  • DoorHandles_2K.tif
  • FenderFront_4K.tif
  • GridSeamlessBlack_128.tif
  • Headset_2K.tif
  • InstrumentCluster_2K.tif
  • PillarCLicensePlate_1K.tif
  • PillarCSensor_2K.tif
  • ScreenDiagnostics_1K.tif
  • ScreenSideBatteryLifeScreen_1K.tif
  • ScreenSideBatteryTempScreen_1K.tif
  • SeatbeltWebbing1_2K.tif
  • SuspensionControlArmsFrontTop_1K.tif
  • WheelsFrontLeft2_2K.tif
  • WheelsFrontRight2_2K.tif
  • WheelsRearLeft2_2K.tif
  • WheelsRearRight2_2K.tif
Dev Fund Contributor
Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
Render Engine Used cycles
Misc Data uvs-unwrapped, low-high-resolution, textured
License Editorial
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