by Fabien Christin in Scripts and Addons

Does Photographer provide Camera Lens effects and presets?

Unfortunately no. Lens effects such as vignetting, chromatic aberration and lens distortion should be done in Compositing, and this is outside the scope of the Photographer add-on at the moment.

Does Photographer provide Physical Light presets?

It comes with a few Physical Light presets, but it is very easy to create your own and share them with the community! If you are looking for high-quality Lamp assets that are physically accurate, have a look at my other LightPack products!

Something is not working, what should I do?

First, make sure that the add-on is properly installed.

If the error still persists, please reach out to me on the platform where you bought the add-on or on the Blender Artist forum:

Please provide as much information as possible:
- Blender version
- Add-on version
- Error message (which can be found in Window > System Console)
- A screenshot or GIF of the issue
- A simple scene where the error can be easily reproduced.

How can I upgrade to Photographer 4 as a Photographer 3 owner?

You should already have received a coupon to upgrade to Photographer 4, but you can always contact me with a proof that you bought Photographer 3 and I will send you another coupon as soon as possible.