Pbr Low Poly Revolver Gun - Colt Python 357 Pistol

by BoxyCrab90 in Models

Included files:

Fbx, Obj, Stl, Unity Package, .Blend file, Zip file containing the texture maps.

The .blend file contains the textures packed in it and you will find the low poly and the high poly models besides the final model with the materials applyed to it and properly named.

The model is composed of 24 properly named  separated object so rigging and animating is made easily.

There is only one texture set for the whole model and all textures maps are high quality 4K textures.

The texture maps provided are 7:

  1. Base color map;
  2. Metallic map;
  3. Roughness map;
  4. Normal map;
  5. Ambient occlusion map;
  6. Curvature map;
  7.  Object ID map.

You can get a better idea about this model by inspecting it on this link: