Pastel Action for Blender 2.79

by Atelier Pastel in Scripts and Addons

Easy character animations for ManuelbastioniLAB & Makehuman.

April 19, 2018 version 2.3.0 released

3D CG characters can execute a plethora of movements. They can stand on their tiptoes, hold items, make the V-sign, etc. We provide add-ons that follow the production of these character animations.

Main functions the add-ons provide

①Easy 1-click setup

②Dedicated UI generation

③Angle constraints  of each joint

④Built-in IK (inverse kinematics)

⑤Complex finger configuration

 ⑥Automatic motion correction

⑦Built-in item switching function

 ⑧Multilingual UI 

preface   Let’s check out the software and add-ons that we need.

Step 1  Let’s download Makehuman.

Step 3  Let’s add Makewalk.

Step 5 Let’s add Pastel Action.

What changed in version upgrade to version 2.3.0?

When inserting a key frame, it is now possible to record all the information of finger rotation value, finger unit, joint unit, and batch operation of all fingers.

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