Office Utensils Set

by Emiel Witting in Models

Humans are messy, so why shouldn't your scenes be too?

These utensils can be used to bring life to any office, school or other work-space. After creating your scene simply append objects and scatter them throughout the view. Filler objects like these are essential to realism, and counter the common problem in CGI of a scene being empty and sterile. Using this pack saves you the time of modelling all the small objects yourself, and instead makes the render feel lived in within minutes.

The set consists of 20 object types and 11 different color variations. All objects are made to have efficient geometry, so they won't impact the performance and render times of your scenes unnecessarily. Both the glasses and scissors can easily be posed. All materials are kept tidy and follow the PBR workflow.


  • Effortlessly fill in the empty spaces in your renders
  • Don't worry about repetitiveness with 30+ objects and variations
  • Low performance impact
  • Includes rigged objects
  • Both Cycles and Eevee-ready

Made for blender 2.80+

Table, chair, monitor and keyboard showed in the comparison render aren't part of this set. The table and chair are available on iMeshh