Not Enough Roads 2

by Danylo Chirva in Modifier Setups

Not Enough Roads is a geometry node for blender to simplify creation of roads on curvy surfaces.

Not Enough Roads transforms simple curves drawn on your terrain into detailed roads which snaps to surface. Offers a wide range of customizable parameters to generate flexible roads scattered with vegetation and other elements with optimization options.


Main Points:

  • Versatile Road Shape: Manipulate width, height and other shape settings to seamlessly fit your landscape.
  • Environmental Elements: Fences, light poles, and utility poles, each with adjustable positioning and spacing to fit road.
  • Camera and Distance Culling: Drastically optimize vegetation's performance in large scenes.
  • Realistic Materials: 2 materials + winter variants fulfilled by adaptive subdivision.
  • Ready Presets: Ready to use 4 presets
  • Custom Scatter Node: A separate, configurable geometry node allows to scatter any collection of objects along a curve. Can be layered by duplicating node and using different collections.
  • Vegetation Assets: Ready to use trees and grass models.
  • Partial Intersection Support: The tool allows you to draw roads crossing each other without merging into single mesh.

You Receive:

  • Geometry node for generating road from curve.
  • Geometry node for scattering instances on road.
  • Geometry node for flattening landscape for road.
  • Basic vegetation assets and road elements.

How to Use:

  • Download the .blend file.
  • Append the “Not-Enough-Roads-v2” collection into your scene. This will import 4 predefined presets.
  • Choose the preset you need and start editing the appended road by drawing\extruding the curve or select another curve in modifier menu.
  • Please check documentation page for important notes and nodes description

Additional Notes:


Version 1.0

  • Release

Version 2.0


  • 99% reduction in time for detecting intersections.
  • Precise topology controls.
  • More realistic materials.
  • Seamless and tileless material for path and asphalt.
  • A better quality of road assets and vegetation.
  • Accurate vegetation distribution due to new topology.
  • Additional node for smoothing terrain. 
  • Simple wind simulation.
  • More intuitive camera culling settings.
  • Instances do not spawn on path/asphalt.
  • Improved flattening option to fix road's tilt on slopes.


  • No mesh merging at junctions.
  • Compatible only with blender due to high procedurality.
  • Might not be suitable for city streets without manual curve adjusting.

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Published 8 months ago
Blender Version 4.0
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