How do I convert DirectX normals?

In the add-on preferences, check the ‘Invert’option of the normal map. This will insert a special conversion node that will flip the green channel of the normal map only, thereby converting from DirectX format to OpenGL format (or vice versa).

I have more than one UVMap on my object, how do I specify which one to use?

In the Shader section of  the add-on preferences, make sure that the Add a UVMap node is checked. This will add a UVMap node in front of any texture node present. This UVMap node will offer a dropdown of the available uv-maps on this object. You can leave it blank to use the default map.

I have a suggestion for an enhancement/feature, how do I contact you?

I am open to any good suggestion and you can either contact me by clicking the  Contact Creator button on my BlenderMarket shop or by filling out the contact form on my Small Blender Things blog.

How do I use a shader group I have instead of the Principled shader?

In the Shader section of  the add-on preferences, uncheck the Use principled shader option. This will reveal a dropdown box called ‘Alternative shader’:

This will show a list of available node groups. To have anything to choose from here, you must make sure any node group you wish to use as a shader is already included in your .blend when you configure the NodeSet Pro add-on. The most convenient way to do so is by including this node group as part of your Blender startup file.

If you are configuring NodeSet Pro with a .blend file open that does not (yet) contain the node group you want to use you have to add the group with File → Append before you can select it.

Note that if you create a new startup file, existing .blend files that you open later will NOT read this startup file so the preferences might indicate this condition in red. If so, just add the node group to the existing .blend

Is NodeSet Pro compatible with Blender 2.80

Yes, it should be, but you have to download the correct version from your BlenderMarket account. Be aware that Blender 2.80 is still in beta so you might encounter difficulties!

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