Movie Scene Creation in Blender 3D

by Zacharias Reinhardt in Training

Create your own Hollywood-like 3D animated movie scene!

25 Video Tutorials | ~5 h of Content

If you are one of those artists who strive to dive deeper into the world of 3D design, you are probably familiar with the following feeling: every time you stumble over a striking 3D rendering or an awesome 3D animation, you end up comparing it to your own 3D work and suddenly realize that you still have a long way to go to achieve this kind of professionalism. Consider this workshop a shortcut that will help you to save some time on the way. We will give you advanced techniques and interesting tips and tricks to create a beautiful movie scene in 3D, using the open source 3D software Blender. And all of this with reasonable effort.


This workshop contains 25 refreshing video tutorials with a total length of approx. 5 hours. Certified Blender trainer Zacharias Reinhardt, will lead you through the program which is not so much about step-by-step instructions, but more about inspiring workflows and insightful techniques.

You will learn how to develop an initial idea, how to start developing your scene and how to make it more interesting throughout the process. Finally, you will learn how to build and animate it in 3D. In the end you will have your own Hollywood-like 3D animated film shot.

The workshop is intended for advanced Blender users!

Gleb Alexandrov

Artist & Founder of the CreativeShrimp blog

"If you see yourself as a movie maker and you love 3D graphics, look no further. In this incredible course Zacharias shows the whole damn process. From idea to the Hollywood-like shot. What I especially adore is the insanely broad scope of topics. Overpaint, photogrammetry and motion capture – what else can I say? Bingo!" Learn how to create this destroyed robot tank.

Greg Zaal

Freelance Blender Artist

"This is by far one of the best Blender workshops I have ever seen. Assuming you know the basics of how to use Blender, the AgenZasBrothers will teach you everything you need to know about creating a professional quality 3D scene. The course is very well structured and gets straight to the point. The lessons are organized logically and in short digestible videos so that you can easily re-watch specific sections if you want to. Apart from the standard screen-recording sessions, the AgenZasBrothers have scattered numerous helpful and amusing animations which aid in explaining the topics more thoroughly. If you've been using Blender for a while and want to upgrade your skills to a more professional level, this is unquestionably the right workshop for you."



01 Introduction
02 Getting Started
03 Finding Ideas
04 Overpainting
05 Previsualization

3D Work

06 Getting Organized
07 Robot Tank
08 Bicycles
09 Plants
10 Trees
11 Ivy
12 Rocks
13 Concrete
14 Seamless Textures
15 Basic Material
16 Complex Material
17 Simulation of Trees
18 Simulation of Plants
19 Simulation of Insects
20 3D Scanning
21 Motion Capturing


22 Bringing it all Together
23 Lighting
24 Render Settings
25 Compositing
26 Rendering
27 Concluding Remarks

Bonus Content

2 video tutorials about 3D Scanning & Motion Capturing (inculdet in the list above)
All important Project Data
10 High Qualitiy HDRI Maps sponsored by HDRI Haven
25 Seamless High Quality Textures sponsored by
20% Discount on your “PixPlant” purchase
20% Discount on rendering via Blendergrid

Jonathan Lampel

3D Artist & Educator

"The AgenZasBrothers Movie Scene Creation course is a practical mix of theory and practice. I've used Blender for years and still learned a lot of new tricks that I'll be using in my own work from now on. You won't simply learn how to make their specific scene, you'll also learn how to bring your own unique imagination to life."

Rico Cilliers

CG Freelancer

"I recently had the opportunity to go through AgenZasBrothers' video workshop "Movie Scene Creation in Blender3D", and I was quite blown away by the incredible amount of time and effort that must have gone into this awesome learning package. This workshop consists of around 16Gb of in-depth video tutorials, blender files, 3D assets, textures, and Hdri environment maps. It's jam-packed with professional tips and advice on how to create your very own CG movie scenes. The 3D-scanning and motion-capture tutorials are also a huge bonus."

Software Used

In this workshop we will mainly use the open source 3D software “Blender”. Furthermore, we will work with the free image editing programs “GIMP” and “Krita”. With these free tools you will be able to perform most parts of the workshop. Additionally, we will have a look at a few commercial tools that simplify some of the production steps (e.g. 3D scanning, motion capturing, generating textures etc.). The major part of this workshop, however, can be done without them.

Pascal Deraed

3D & Animation Teacher / Freelancer / Educator at a Cutting Edge Edicational Program

"First and foremost I would like to thank Zacharias for trusting me enough to have a look at the product and share with you what I think, and as a educator I choose to do that briefly with a pedagogical approach. I really enjoyed what I have seen! The content is well planned and explained. It offers a variety ways for you to work through and creates opportunities to experiment, create and solve problems! What I like the most about this product is that it is very easy to use and gives the learner the control over his own development without any kind of external intervention. My favorits are definitely the "Advanced material" and "rendering" parts."

Cedric Van der Kelen

Lighting & VFX Artist at Grid VFX

"The AgenZasBrothers succeed in what most fail to do: a compact, professional and in-depth guide on an entire 3D production. The combination of teaching technical utilities and creative thinking show how one can implement a healthy and productive pipeline on a complete project, going from design and rough, to polish and render. It leads by example, and it will show you how to create, rather than recreate."

Workshop Versions

The workshop is available in three different versions:

Download version with lots of bonus content (12GB) - This version you get here!
Downgraded free version without any bonus material on YouTube)

Souvik Karmakar

3D Artist

"This is more than a 3D workshop. There are lots of things that you want to learn so badly! Including modeling, texturing etc. you will learn how to develop ideas for your desired scene, how to use overpaint to make concept ideas, how to use previz to finalize your concepts, how to organize project files and folder perfectly. And there is so many clever animation techniques that you will just love. And extra things like 3D scanning, motion capturing - using 3D sensor is so useful to learn. Generating seamless textures and many more... If you passionate about creating short movies then this workshop is really a great choice!  I really love it and learned so many new stuffs, highly recommended!"