A New Way To Make Animations!

MotionTool is the in-house Node Based Animation Framework developed by Cogumelo Softworks. For those that work with Animation, Motion Graphics, FX and need a better animation solution or just wanna have some fun with procedural and node based animations MotionTool is just what you need!

What is the MotionTool?

MotionTool is a add-on for blender 2.7x that implements a new out of box animation framework in blender, full out of box, full node based, full procedural!

Do I need It?

Those that work with Motion Graphics and Motion FX know how hard it can be to make animations using the keyframe based workflow. Most of the others programs have some procedural system for help in it development, MotionTool is the best solution for this kind of work with Blender. If you want to work with Motion Graphics, FX, or just want to play with procedural node based animations it's just for you!

What features does MotionTool have?

MotionTool was designed for a In House solution, it's already quite stable and can be used in your diary works. Despite it’s in BETA stage it's full featured and much more is planned for future

  • Node Based Anim: MotionTool is a Node Based Animation Framework, just play with it non linear, new paradigm of animation!
  • One Diagram for Multiple Objects: Configure a single diagram and apply in many objects to make complex animations easily
  • Easy To Use: MotionTool is very easy to use! Just set easy nodes config and play to see animation!
  • Sequencial Actions: Make sequential and parallel actions with a node diagram
  • Out of Box: MotionTool is full out of box, that mean that we have our own animation system, it doesn't use fcurves or actions to do the job
  • Realtime Feedback: See your animation flowing through the nodes with a realtime feedback in Node Editor.
  • Objects or Full Scenes: Link Diagrams to as many objects as you want to in a single node config or make a full scene animated
  • Group Management: Configure Object groups and set its sequence to make effects like time offset in objects!
  • Ease Motion: MotionTool implements from scratch the ease interpolations, just set and see the effects!
  • Full Library: Play with more than 20 node types that include math, transforms, data access, flow control and much more!
  • More Coming! See more news, videos and tutorials in our Youtube Channel

User Driven Development

MotionTool was initially released as a BETA version and during 8 weeks we have been collecting feedback from users about the most important features MotionTool should be for future releases, but that is not the end of line, our strategy is to make a real Users Driven Development method, Be a part of the MotionTool and help us to make it the Best solution for you!

Why should I buy it?

We are a small studio from Brazil, and we have already done some great things for Blender such as Graph Theme,  BoolTool and BakeTool add-on. Now we need to raise some money to keep developing our Add-ons. We want to help BF to keep blender development as well, so we're assigning part of all sales for the BF Development Fund, that's our way to say Thanks to BF for all the good stuff that they have done and do our part for the blender development . Also, we think MotionTool can be a revolutionary system for Blender, it's made for real life work and and is the First Professional, Node Based, Full Featured Animation Framework for Blender. If you need a Animation Tool to Work with it's what you need! 

What do I get with MotionTool?

  • MotionTool zip file
  • Full online and illustrated documentation
  • Many samples files, including: Simple Anim,  Motion Graphics, Procedural FX, Constraint and Shape Key Manipulations and much more!
  • Full product support in our Support Forum

 Release Log:

MotionTool 1.1 (Hotfix)

  • BugFix - Influence in Anim Transform Nodes was not working, fixed now

MotionTool 1.0 (Promo Video)

  • First release After BETA
  • Almost 50 nodes to use. New ones includes Fcuve Manipulations, Color and Material for Cycles and BI, Repeaters and Much More!
  • New Core System, more reliable and stable for complex usage and viewport fps sync visualization in 3D Vew.
  • New Interpolation System with all ease interpolation modes for Anim Transforms, Float, Vector and Colors
  • New Group ID assign functions
  • Initial Handlers Functions implementation
  • New Complete and Illustrated Online Documentation
  • Many Bug Fixes

BETA 0.2 (What's New Video)

  • > 10 New Types of Nodes included Condition (IF), Anim Float and Vector, Set Modifiers Float and Vector and Set Shape Keys
  • 3x faster Set Properties Functions with redesign of our CORE
  • New Interpolation Modes made by community ( Thanks Thomas Beck! )
  • More than 20 other fixes and updates
  • Updated Documentation and More Samples now with Colored Frames

We are listening to you! If you have any doubt or suggestion please let us know!

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Published almost 7 years ago
Software Version 2.7x
License GPL
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