Mercedes X Class Modified (Rigid Car)

by Ashour in Models

How to Animate

1. Add a Curve path


2. Edit the Curve in "Edit mode" to the shape you like

3. Select the Curve then "Shift select" the blue "car rig:root" ( make both selected at the same time), then Press Ctrl+Shift+C and choose "Follow path"

4. Go to the " Bone and Chain" menu

5. Enable Follow Curve and Fixed Position, And set Forward to -Y

6. While on Key frame One, press i while the mouse is on Offset so that it's color changes to yellow

7. Then go to the last Key frame and set Offset to 1.000, and press i on it again so that it changes from Green to Yellow

8. Click on "Bake car steering" then click OK, And Click on "Bake Wheel Rotation" then Click OK

Now by Playing the animation, the car will follow the curve and the wheels steering and rotation will be applied automatically :)