Mariposa Sofa

by StreetStyle13 in Models

Mariposa Sofa

 Designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, 2014

The Mariposa Sofa radiates an inviting aura of spacious comfort – and yet maintains a subtly understated presence thanks to its balanced proportions. The sofa owes its extraordinary comfort, on the one hand, to the pleasantly soft upholstery, which completely surrounds the sitter and prevents contact with any hard structural elements. On the other hand, an ingenious adjustment mechanism makes it possible to individually tilt the side and backrest elements for various sitting or reclining positions.

These design elements are combined to create an oasis of soft, snug comfort. The name of the sofa refers to its refined functionality: the wing-like motion range of the soft, slender panels reminded the designers of a butterfly – 'Mariposa' in Spanish.



  seat and pillows     Verts:268452    Faces:264908     

  fringe         Verts:38802    Faces:37410     

  plaid                 Verts:54576    Faces:54134     

  mariposa sofa         Verts:74468    Faces:147498     

Mesh Totals:

  Verts: 436298

  Faces: 503950