Male Caucasian Skull

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A great skull model for anatomy learning

If you are interested in learning human anatomy, this product is for you. I am planning to bring you the whole human body anatomy, including all bones and muscles, starting with this male skull model. It's based on several 3d prints of actual skulls and ton of references, making it most anatomically accurate on market for now. So if you don't have a real skull in your hands, but always wanted to look inside it and spin it around, then try this!

A decoration for your spooky scenes

If you're interested in art more than in anatomy, you should try this as well. You can easily throw it into your scene if you don't want to wodel those crazy bumps  everywhere. The model comes with procedural PBR shaders, looking believable in any environment. Example scene also includes cc-by HDRI, so you can open the file hit render, not messing with settings

Stay updated

Updates will come surely in the future, including refinement of different bumps (processes) position and separation into actual bones



Add model to your scene, appending skull group from .blend file

Note: the model is triangulated, but it shouldn't bother you, because it's not supposed to be deformed (e.g. during animation), so clean topology is not necessary. And if you want the model to be less detailed you can easily apply decimated modificator, which works perfectly fine with such geometry.

Note: example scene uses color management, so model on your own scene without color management may look a bit different

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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  • mozalbete about 1 year ago

    Incredible detail. Skull and jaw are separate models, which is nice. The model is really high res, though it can be decimated if needed.

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