Making A Short Film Teaser In Blender Eevee

by Martin Klekner in Training

To give you a behind the scenes look of how I created my "Before the Storm" teaser in Blender 2.8 using the realtime renederer Eevee, I created this course, breaking down all my scenes and project files.


Preproduction Chapter - about my reference, storyboard timelapse and preproduction sheets

Chapter 1 - all about the "Trireme" shot, simulating sails, texturing the model etc.

You can watch the chapter for free here:

Chapter 2 - deconstructing the "Marching Army" shot, focusing mainly on how I prepared the 3D and 2D soldiers and assembled an army from them

Chapter 3 - deconstructing the "Gate" shot, with more info on using 2D soldiers on image cards and making an environment, using Megascans

Chapter 4 - deconstructing the "Cliff" shot, I talk about Cape simulation and baking, also about creating realtime water surface and more in-depth info about importing Megascans assets

Chapter 5 - deconstructing the "Nike" shot, talking about remeshing a scanned model, texturing the statue, making 3D flying birds into particles

Chapter 6 - deconstructing the "Hoplite statue" shot, talking about the textures used, the lighting, using 3rd party architectural assets, simulating particle leaves etc.

Free Chapter:

Software I used to create the teaser:

Blender 2.8

Substance Painter

Fuse & Mixamo

Megascans Bridge

After Effects

The Course Contains:

- more than 100 minutes of breakdown videos of the Blender Eevee scenes from the “Before the Storm” teaser

- preproduction workflow

- Blender 2.8 workflow, tips and tricks

- breakdowns of my Substance Painter and After Effects projects

- bonus: ancient Greek patterns, textures, particle birds .blend

WARNING: These are NOT step by step tutorials, rather breakdown videos, summarizing the workflow I used to create the "Before the Storm" teaser

Sales 50+
Published about 3 years ago
Software Version 2.8
Length 100
License Creative Commons
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