Luxcore Garden Package

by Draviastudio in Models

Ground is brown Sky is blue and vegetation is Green .Evrywhere you go you're surrounded by green it become part of what make reality so real to you . Yet another reason why this new 3d model package has been created. Welcome to the Luxcore garden Package update.

Made of  56 plants 3d models selected from a wide range of popular interior as well as exterior species. Inside the package you will find ready made blend file of plants like :

Cactus / heliconia / bougainvillea / mexican Agave / plants hedges / mexican fan Palm / tropical interior palm /Monstrea / grass / Dandelion / Clover field and more .........

As always this package is integrated to LOL N-Panel assets manager for fast and easy design creation. We genuinely believe that this will push your creativity and familiarity with Luxcore render engine.