Lowpoly Factory

by Lubos' shop in Scripts and Addons

LowPoly Factory

Create lowpoly worlds in seconds!

Low Poly Factory(LPF) is a procedural content generation tool specialized in lowpoly landscapes.

The idea is to easily generate the scene and then tweak parameters/materials and do manual work to make end result original. Each object that LPF generates is unique, but still based on parameters the user specifies.

LPF is a perfect tool to assist you in productive low-poly modeling, usable for renders, animations or game-ready models. There is an option to bake materials to vertex colors, which makes it easy to import models to your 3D game engine of choice. Low-poly models are also suitable for virtual/augmented reality development.

Tools to populate plane or spherical surfaces and quickly set up lighting are included!

A complete manual is available to assist you in getting started quickly.