Low Poly Tomato Photorealistic 3d Model Scene

by Archipov Ilya in Models

Photorealistic 3D tomatoes model scene.

The scene includes 12 objects of tomato conditions: Tomato Full(514 verts, 544 faces), Tomato Half1 (496 verts, 523 faces), Tomato HalfUP (290 verts, 320 faces), Tomato HalfDown (290 verts, 320 faces), Tomato Quarter(328 verts, 342 faces), TomatoSlice1 (194 verts, 224 faces), TomatoSlice2 (217 verts,228 aces) and 5 kind of pieces(144 verts, 134 faces).

1 Wood Board(for background), 1 shadowcatcher plane in the Shadowcatcher collection. It is disabled for view and render. 1 lamp and 1 camera

All materials are packed into the .blend file.

The scene includes: 2481verts, 2637 faces, 4902 tris