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This  addon is meant to inset or outset a face in edit mode.

The normal inset in Blender leads often to artifacts.

Inset with addon inset with Blender

You can also outset the face:

‘Islands’ are created when faces meet.

2 D Booleans

You can now make 2D booleans in edit mode.

Select the faces were the booleans should be applied to, and finely the ‘tool’ face.

If the faces are not in one plane the result is in the plane of the last selected face.

The result is much cleaner than if you apply the blender booleans to 2D faces.


Warning: I tested the addon on  Windows 10  and linux ubuntu.I have not tested it on a maxOS system.

For window users; I recommend to start blender as admindstrator before installing the addon.Otherwise the dependency (piclipper)  can be stored in a directory where blender can’t find it.

first download the zip file and go to preferences in blender. Go to the folder where the zip file

is downloaded and press: install.

The addon makes use of pyclipper library, this library has to be installed which can be done in the preferences.This only has to be done the first time the addon is used.

Now the addon can be found in de N-panel: ‘Edit’.

The button can only be seen in edit mode.

This installation part is partly copies from the free addon NijiGPen.

How to use:

The addon only works properly if the scale and rotation of the object are applied!

Select a face in edit mode and press: ‘Outset/Inset

Now a popup menu appears.

Here you can set the amount of inset: positive is outset, negative is inset.

The corner shape can be changed.


All verts have one outset vert.

The miter amount cuts of the point of sharp corner


Round corners, Arc Tollerance sets the amount of corner verts.


Corners are squared


This add-on was possible because I found the add-on NijiGPen. This add-on also makes use of the pyclipper library, but it only can outset and inset Grease Pencil lines and only works in 2D. From this add-on I learned how to implement a library in the preferences

update 0.0.3 2-3-2023

- select merge / not merge (problem with merging everything to everything)

-possibility to fill the inner face of outset

- triangulate outset inset

update 0.0.4 19-5-2023

- now possible to select more than one face to outset

-Made normals consistent in booleans and outset inset

-Not possible to select faces where outset and inset can't be applied

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