Image Node Preview

by Simon Wendsche in Scripts and Addons

A Blender addon that shows thumbnails for image texture nodes in the node editor.

Required OS: Windows 10 or Ubuntu 18.04/19.10
Required Blender version: 2.80, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.90 or 2.91.

Demo Video


  • High performance: Thumbnails are generated by a C++ worker thread in the background, the Blender UI stays fully responsive at all times
  • Low memory usage: Each thumbnail takes up 265 KiB of graphics RAM (regardless of the size of the previewed texture). 100 thumbnails would use 25.6 MiB - a negligible amount.
  • Supported image formats: jpg, png, hdr, exr, psd, tga, bmp, gif
  • Cycles/Eevee nodes supported (Image Texture and Environment Texture)
  • Octane nodes supported (Image Tex, Alpha Image Tex, Float Image Tex, Image Tile Tex, Instance Color Tex)
  • No changes are made to the .blend, others without the addon can still open your scenes without problems
  • High-resolution displays supported (works with Blender's resolution scale feature)


  • Thumbnails are not displayed for packed images
  • Thumbnails of image sequences are not updated when changing frames
  • TIF images currently not supported

About Me

I am the author of the Blender addon for LuxCore. In 2014, I started working on Blender addons by contributing to the LuxRender addon. ImageNodePreview is my first commercial addon.