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Ice Tools Pro is developed for rapid conceptualization modeling of large scifi scenes using low res non-subd or ngon surfaces at the same time giving you a modular or non-destructive workflow to modify the design of the work mesh anytime unless you apply the modular shapes using the boolean modifier stacks. This gives more freedom when designing the overall functionality and aesthetics of the work mesh.

Non-subd assets are used by concept artists to create large scenes at the same time mitigating the processing stress and duration of render times. While low poly using the auto smooth feature of 3d programs to create the illusion sharp angles these render with amazing detail without giving away their low res nature. Most professional concept artists use micro-fillet or beveling shader node features in their render softwares to bevel sharp edges of the non-subd assets closest to the camera to give a more convincing look on the final presentation.

The add-on also provides a fast way of creating character assets by means of retopology which exploits the workflow of building assets over the surface of another object.

Legacy function of Ice Tools Pro also include its use with the Bsurfaces addon using the shrinkwrap operator for retopology and can also serve as a modeling tool.

Watch the Demo Video pt 1.

Download the PDF guide here for detailed information about each function in the add-on.

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  • A unique link system for controlling functions for and keeping track of "target" and "link" objects.

  • Fast boolean workflow via the link system. Have the ability to create assets in mere minutes for  your 3d scenes.

  • Extract Mode to quickly extract faces from a version of a target object with booleans applied to add  to its non-destructive workflow.

  • Quick re-topology work coupled with the Bsurfaces add-on.

  • Can be used to enhance your dyntopology sculpting experience.

  • And a lot more...

Be sure to use the latest Blender buildbot version:  Download Blender

Pie Menu Hotkey

CTRL+SHIFT+X in 3d View 

Can be changed in user preferences.


Extract the .zip file and copy to your addons folder - typically this is found in ...\Scripts\addons of Blenders' main folder.

Go to user preferences/addons and just search for ice tools in the retopology section. You can find the addon located in the T-panel in the 3d viewport.

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  • buddyhood over 1 year ago


  • Georjack almost 2 years ago

    Works fine with no issues and it's a great tool.

  • Monte Drebenstedt almost 2 years ago

    Little bit of a learning curve but it does exactly what is advertised.

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