Ice Tools Pro

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What is the Ice Tools Pro?

It is an addon specialized for assisting in retopology work and creating relatively light non-subd hard surface assets.

Well, telling a story even in a still scene can be a very time consuming and difficult process. Most of us like to start with or utilize characters (humans, creatures etc.) and this takes skill and hard work. Afterwards, you may have already spent all that creative energy and have none left for shaping their world. Because, let's face it, an environment adds a lot to the story much like hair does to your bald characters.

What is needed is a tool to quickly handle the issue but also without adding to the creative stress.

Enter the Ice Tools Pro.

What can it do?

  1. Quickly generate relatively low res, detailed 3d objects to create or fill a 3d scene for rapid storytelling. 
  2. Features a non-destructive hard surface modelling workflow.
  3. Reduces the headache of dealing with wires to create complicated shapes.
  4. Uses "Material Groups" to easily shade and texture your creation for a production ready asset in no time.
  5. Modular details via Boolean objects means you can edit or remove them anytime you wish.
  6. Includes edit mode functions like the Simple Plane generator and the Ghost Knife to quickly generate Boolean stencils to shape your 3d model.
  7. It can also be used for re-topology and can greatly accentuate any modelling tasks.

Demos and tutorials

Watch The Demo/Tutorial For Hard Surface Modelling Here...

Watch The Demo/Tutorial For Retopology Here...

Watch The Demo/Timelapse Of Creating A Sci-Fi Corridor Here...

Watch the Demo/Tutorial For Creating Character Assets Here...

Watch the Demo/Timelapse Of Modeling Sci Fi Floor Here...

Imagery and description

boolean objects on target mesh

Boolean objects/modifiers called "Boolean Links" are conveniently listed below the main UI to provide maximum control by providing functionalities like changing material color, enabling and disabling, changing boolean operation and removing.

The original mesh topology is preserved and can be edited at anytime. Adding and removing detail is very easy so this lessens the strain on you creative flow over time.

Take advantage of Material Groups automatically set by the addon when performing boolean operations to quickly shade the resulting model without having to spend time selecting faces.

You can easily create shot dedicated or just generic "wallflower" objects that hang around in the background being pretty. All of them can be used for close-up shots too.

It can be anything you can think of: from floor to wall panels, doors, props, computer terminals, canisters, guns, grenades etc. Even flesh out the whole scene itself and not just the things to fill it.  

Of course, the best thing about this is you can choose not to bother with topology at all since it uses boolean and the user-friendly Ngons.

Also, forget about UV-ing. If you've got procedural shaders you could use them right away by using the Material Groups to quickly select faces and assign them.

And finally this can save greatly on resolution but also give you extreme detail by using the hardest edge in hard surface modelling: A Single Edge or Edge-Loop.


2.60 Added Pie Menu accessible via the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+X. UI changes depending on whether target or link mesh is selected.

2.64  Added Eye Icon next to Links To Apply percentage, this lets you preview how many of the boolean modifiers will be applied. Useful when combined with Push To Top operator in Link List for added flexibility in editing the basic mesh.

2.65 Enable and disable state of link modifiers can now be saved with Copy Modifier Settings using their respective eye icon; also included this in Pie Menu.

2.69 Improved overall Pie Menu UI layout and performance

Pie Menu layout for target mesh.

Pie Menu layout for link mesh.

Pie Menu layout for link mesh modifiers.

2.70 Added material viewport color to vertex color

This basically sets all materials with their viewport colors in the target mesh as vertex color using their respective face assignment. This only works on links that have already been applied to the target mesh.

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    buddyhood 23 days ago


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    Georjack 3 months ago

    Works fine with no issues and it's a great tool.

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    Monte Drebenstedt 5 months ago

    Little bit of a learning curve but it does exactly what is advertised.

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