Horde Add-On: Procedural Crowd Tools


Now Works with Blender 4.0!

Custom Crowd Systems with Characters attached!

The “Horde” add-on is a powerful tool that allows filmmakers and 3d Artists to add customizable crowd systems to the scene with several clicks! With its assets and intuitive user interface menu, it provides the ability to add various controllable human crowds through its geometry nodes and boid particle systems with animated 3d characters attached! The Horde add-on for Blender 3d is a great tool for creating crowds of various forms for 3d and live action VFX! You can now create crowd systems for your live-action films and 3d art within minutes! We've collaborated with the talented Carlos Barreto to make the most intuitive panel system possible!


Quickly add crowd systems!
Horde is an add-on that you install into Blender. Once you install it you can follow four simple steps to quickly add life too your scene!

Four Steps:

1.) Select the genre of crowd assets you want to be instanced on your system (Genres include Human professional, Human casual, zombie bare, and zombie clothed, we do plan on adding more assets based on recommendations for future free updates)

2.) Choose the animation "type" for your crowd system (Walk, Run, or Static Crowd)

3.) Choose the system type for your crowd(Custom advanced geometry node or Boids)

4.)  Add or draw in your crowd into your scene

After the crowd system is added you can dial in more specific settings in the UI panel systems.

Detailed 3d human and zombie characters included!

Version 1.0 of the Horde add-on contains a selection of 3d human and zombie assets created by the talented artist Elliot Feys! Genres include Human professional, Human casual, zombie bare, and zombie clothed. We do plan on adding more assets based on recommendations for future free updates. You can add these human/zombie crowd systems to your scene within seconds. All of the assets are optimized for both Cycles and Eevee rendering engines.

Horde Zombie Runner Setup

Established Platform

The Horde add-on builds it’s parameters upon Blender 3d advanced geometry node and boid particle systems. Because of this there are countless options for the user to customize their crowd systems through the add-ons UI system as well as Blender after the systems are implemented.

Add crowds to your scenes with Horde!


Any customer feedback about our add-on is highly appreciated and will be used to update our add-on to be more useful in the future. All updates will be free with a prior purchase!


Horde V 1.0 - Original release: Custom geo-nodes and boids crowd systems with characters packed (Human professional, Human casual, zombie bare, and zombie clothed). - 10/14/2022

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