Hira Building Generator

by HiranojiStore in Modifier Setups


To use, blender must be installed.

Only for blender 4.0 or later

*Updated 2023/11/15


1) Replaces simple mesh objects with building models.

(2) Buildings are created using assets created with mesh objects.

 Users can create their own assets, allowing them to create a variety of buildings with their own ingenuity.

The included assets and preset data can also be used for your own content.

Include assets:

  •  Modern European style
  •  Japanese temple style
  •  Modern architecture style

 (Copyrights are not waived. Users cannot claim exclusivity or copyright on the assets.)

(3) Various functions

  •  Automatic and manual generation of sloped and flat roofs
  •  automatic generation of arch
  •  Random object placement on walls, etc.
  •  Replacement of asset objects using materials
  •  Ability to adjust module size


(4) Detailed instruction guide included in pdf format

(5)Update:Include Interior generator Utilities

I am pleased to announce that I have updated "Hira Building Generator" and, lo and behold, it now allows you to create interior spaces as well as exterior views!

Video tutorials

(Japanese,but subtitled by myself)




11/15/2023 Various updates

  • Removed the limit on the number of wall surfaces.

  • Improved stair generator

  • UV correction function for assets

  • UI improvements

  • Improved arch generator

  • Revision of the entire instruction manual


The supported version was changed to 4.0 or later accordingly.

*Previous data is in legacy.zip

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Blender Version 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
License Royalty Free
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