Graswald Pro - Personal

by Graswald in Models

Hey there, it seems that you are interested in Graswald. We recently moved to our new website, check it out:

If you bought Graswald here, don't worry. We will still be keeping this page alive and update it with the newest versions.

We have added a cheaper Graswald version for hobbyists, to support all Blender users with high-quality plant models. That's why the old Graswald has now become Graswald Pro. If you bought Graswald before the 2nd of March, 2020 then congrats! You've got upgraded to Graswald Pro automatically. 

If you want to switch to our new system to get regular update info and more support, please contact us at [email protected].

We are incredibly thankful to the Blender Market. Without it, Graswald would've never made it as far as we are today. Therefore, we want to thank the whole Blender Market team and everyone who contributes to the Blender community and ecosystem!