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2.80 Awesomeness!

Now Blender 2.80 is still in beta, but we are already adapting to that! Test Graswald for Blender 2.80 for free with a purchase of Graswald for Blender 2.79b and enjoy your nature renders in real time with the brand new Eevee render engine, preview your materials in real time or even render stunning nature animations within seconds! 

Please note, that this option is just a test version. As the newest builds get released daily, we won't be able to fix bugs that come with newer builds on the fly. If you can find any bugs, please report them here! Once the final Graswald version for 2.80 is released, you will be able to upgrade for free!

The Best Way to add Vegetation in Blender.

Graswald is a professional high-quality asset pack containing different species of weeds, grass, and moss as well as various kinds of debris, packed in a powerful add-on that allows incredible customization.

The Problem with Species-Driven Particle Systems.

Plants grow in many different ways, depending on the amount of rain they get, the amount of sunlight, the temperature, their age, and other species that grow in the same place (plants AND animals). That way, you might find the same species of grass growing as a big tuft or mowed down in your lawn, looking completely different. Most asset packs though focus on species only, and therefore can't illustrate the full variety of vegetation.

To solve this, Graswald assets are organized by species, but for each species, you can use different particle systems, displaying different variants of the same species. 

For example, if you want to add Ribwort Plantains to your scene, you can either add big plantains as you'd find in a meadow or the smaller variant that might grow in your lawn. You can also support them with the fitting plantain flowers, or some dead plantains, that are decaying below.

Get the Detail you need!

Every single asset was carefully modeled with reference to the structural details of the real plant. With Graswald, you'll get photoreal grass with visible nodes, sheaths, and collars or weed flowers with visible ligules and stigmata, allowing stunning detail that even holds up in close-up situations and micro shots.  

There is no faster way to add your assets.

Add ready-made Particle Systems to your scene with literally three clicks, or import the individual assets, which you can then place by hand for close-up situations. 

Build complete Ecosystems.

Graswald doesn't only provide green grass blades and a few weeds. Adding dead leaves, (dead) moss, sticks, pine needles and other scatter debris lets you build environments from the ground up that look photoreal and are highly customizable

Unlimited Variations.

Graswald consists of a total of 32 different species of grass, weeds, moss, dead leaves and ground debris. 

Chose between a total of 79 different particle systems consisting of up to 69 model variations per particle system. 

You'll get a total of 663 different models, allowing an incredible amount of variation for your nature scenes.


If you want to jump on the endless Physically Based Rendering train, you're good to go! All  Graswald materials are using the brand new Principled  BSDF shader, allowing a flexible workflow with physically correct shading where you need it. This ensures that the assets will always look great in every lighting condition!

Artistic control is still important though, so if you want to have less intense reflections for whatever reasons, do not despair. Graswald's interface allows you to change all important settings, so you'll get full control of your Roughness, Specular,  Bump and Translucency.

Make it your own!

With the assets comes a powerful system allowing you to customize and optimize your plants to any needs. 

  • Change the density, scale, seed and display percentage right in the  Graswald Menu.
  • Quickly paint and assign vertex groups for each particle system,  or use existing groups as a base for new ones.
  • Change the maximum draw type for each system (Textured, Solid, Wire, Bounds)
  • Switch between different material qualities (High, Medium, Low)
  • Directly import the individual assets for further customization or hand placement for more detail
  • Customize the look of the assets switching between Basic and Advanced material settings
  • Add your own assets to the Graswald Library
  • For a list of all features, take a look at the Documentation

Besides the standard technical settings (Specular, Roughness, Translucency, Bump, Hue, Saturation, and Value) you can get even closer to real nature by altering the looks with more artistic settings.

Add dead patches to your grass and change their brightness and color, as well as their scale, spread, and intensity

There's always some dead, dry grass, even in the finest lawns. Add dead grass blades with the dryness settings and use Graswald's sophisticated masking tools to achieve the exact look you aim for. 

Speaking of lawns, add lawn stripes to your cut grass to add incredible patterns for a Big League Look.

Randomize all your assets with value and color randomization settings. 

But here comes the big deal: 

Age your plants for ultra-realism!

There's one thing that seems to always be missing in CG environments: Death. 

A lot of nature renders seem off because they look unnaturally healthy and green. In the real world, though, this is not the case. Plants live in a constant struggle for space, water, and sunlight.  Most of them die or have at least some dead parts, which you don't notice when you see it, but you DO notice if they're missing! 

Graswald allows you to change the age of your plants, making it possible to have young fresh leaves for a lovely spring atmosphere or old, broken, yellow leaves to nail those winter scenes, adding that extra tiny bit of realism, to get your renders to the next level! 

Use a sophisticated collection of masking sliders, to get exactly the results you want by altering the overall percentage, the intensity and the percentage of single leaves of an individual plant.

Optimized in every Way Possible!

Graswald assets come in three different material qualities: High, Medium and Low

The High material quality is perfect for close-ups, featuring transparency and the highest texture resolution (up to 4k).

The Medium material quality works well for larger scenes, where the plants aren't the focus or where faster rendering is needed. No transparency and 512px large textures make this material optimal for people with no time or loads of expensive computers.

The Low material quality makes scattering huge areas much easier. With no transparency and a minimal texture size of 16px, you don't have to worry about investing in detail that won't be visible in the final result, thus resulting in very fast render times.

But thanks to the powerful Graswald interface, you can not only optimize the material, you can change the number of polygons yourself as well! 

You can either add levels of subdivision for each particle system visible in the viewport and/or only render, or decimate them, just by tweaking the sliders in the Graswald menu!

Furthermore, all assets have been modeled with optimization in mind, meaning that each model only has the number of polygons that are needed to achieve photorealistic shapes and shading. 

The same thoughts were considered with transparency. Huge amounts of transparency are not only causing greater render times but can also cause weird artifacts. Graswald assets, however, are restricted to the lowest amount of transparency possible, leading to faster render times and less memory consumption


                            Still not convinced?  Then listen to these fine guys: 

What Others Think:

"Graswald is a package with high-quality plants created with close attention to detail, plus an easy to use user interface for quick customization. I especially love the feature that you can change the age of the grass with a slider, so you can turn a green meadow into a dry grass field. I will have a lot of fun with this tool in future projects, totally recommended!" 

Zacharias Reinhardt
3D Artist & Certified Blender Trainer
"The amount of work, attention to detail and quality is a breath of fresh are straight from nature. The addon is clean and easy to use to get great looking, top-notch nature to fill out your scene.
It's now going to be a part of my regular pipe-line"

Mason Menzies
Asset Developer at Artist

"Graswald does all the hard work for you, with insanely detailed models that don't blow the polygon budget, packed inside a clever plugin to automate all the boring parts. Certainly a great addition to every artist's toolbox."

Guilherme Henrique
SD Art Director at
"I was so amazed by the ridiculous amount of detail that went into these models! When there's something I have learned about nature assets, then that there can be never enough of them to match the beautiful variety of nature. Graswald does exactly that, offering the artist maximum flexibility with sophisticated distribution and shaders."

Lukas Walzer
3D Artist at UP design studio Stuttgart
"Graswald is an amazing tool. It is highly customizable, offers an incredible level of details, stunning realism, and big variety. It allows you to create convincing environments without much effort."

Helmy Ardiansyah
Founder of hulm visuals.
"Graswald is quite possibly the best grass and shrubs pack for blender that I've ever seen. It's got a great selection of different plants, all of which look incredibly realistic and are very useful in almost any nature scene. The addon that comes with Graswald is also well designed and pleasant to work with."

Rico Cilliers
Freelance 3D Sculptor/Modeler/Texturer
"Graswald is a mind-blowing add-on. With Graswald, just a few clicks can land you an industry-grade nature render -- I don't think there is anything else out there that can do that."

Grant Wilk
Host of Remington & CGC Weekly

If you are still unsure, check out the quality of the assets and download the Graswald Freebies!