Freighter Hyperion Class Tanker Vessel

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Freighter Hyperion Class Tanker Vessel

Low - Mid Poly Game Asset
Freighter ID: 007221-09

Used to supply valuable essential Cargo across the universe, the Hyperion Class is a large sized Tanker Vessel. As it has no means to defend itself it requires protection from a Squadron of Fighters - Griffin, Cerberus & Asterius Class fighters which form the fleet, are enough to deter even the bravest of Pirates out to claim their bounty. With 18 massive tanks onboard it is capable of delivering huge amounts of Oil, Gas & Fuel, a tempting target indeed.

Modelled in Blender 2.93 

3 Formats provided:




All Textures are in their named folder

Textured in Substance Painter 2 - (PBR Metalrough)

Scale applied


Length: 136.0m

Width: 60.2m

Height: 48.8m

Easy to scale to suit your project


V: 49,667

F: 52,011

T: 99,610

4K Resolution Maps: BaseColor, Metallic, Roughness, Normal & Emissive 

(Height Maps provided in the Textures folder if you wish to use them)

Separate Texture Folder provided for all Textures 

All images Rendered with Cycles

Origin of Model: Centre Of Mass

Unwrapped - non overlapping UVs

Clean Topology, no loose or double Vertices

All modifiers closed

Please note if you are using EEVEE:

You may need to go into the Render Properties Tab - Performance - `Enable High Quality Normals`

If you are using the Blender file the Textures are packed and ready to go

.7z file: 312MB

.Blend file: 162MB

If you wish to view this Model in 360 degrees on Sketchfab please use the `Explore Model` feature, thanks.

If you do decide to purchase this Model I wish to thank you in advance, you will also be making a valuable contribution to the Blender Development Fund, lets keep this going as non of this would be possible without them!

Any queries please do get in touch

Thanks for your interest & Support!


Dev Fund Contributor
Published 12 months ago
Software Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee, freestyle
License Royalty Free
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