Forest Generator | Photorealistic Close-Up Ready Forests

by Andreas Dürr in Modifier Setups


Generate realistic forests in seconds!

Get close to Nature!

See for yourself:

In this video, I will go through all the details of the Forest Generator!

Multiple Biomes:

There are currently four biomes, and more will come in future updates!

Deciduous Forest Biome

Jungle Forest Biome

Bamboo Forest Biome

Snow Forest Biome

Control your forest with a set of easy-to-understand and intuitive sliders to fit your artistic vision.

This forest will adapt to any shape!

Detailed tree models with customizable subdivision levels.

Adjustable Tree Settings!

Use the delete zone to make space for your own motives!

Use different resolution zones to optimize performance.

Low-poly forest version to fill out your backgrounds -your computer can thank me later.

For further information on using the Forest Generator, all its features, and its limitations, watch the YouTube video above.

About the author:

I'm Andreas Dürr also known as Cinematic Cookie. I'm a Filmmaker, VFX and 3D artist with extensive experience in Blender. In recent months, I've delved into sharing my knowledge through YouTube tutorials, providing insights into the creation of my projects.


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