Flowers Pack 2

by La Troisième Dimension in Models

A touch of spring

Yes, now you have a great garden with grass, trees, rocks and weeds. But what about all that colorful nature beauty that blossom in spring ? I mean, where are the flowers? Because every garden I made was lacking realistic flowers and shrubs, I spent time modeling these for you.

This second pack contains 4 new flower types made of 21 ready to use assets. Spring walk


21 ready to use assets with materials and textures:

  • The shrubs: 

    • 3 Penta Lanceolata of different colors

With 2 attached particle system for each, so that you can change flowers and leaves distribution to make your own

azalea flower node 

  • The flowers

    • 3 Agapanthus in 2 different colors 
    • 3 Hyacinthus in 3 different colors
    • 12 Hesperantha Coccinea in 4 different colors

Ready to use with particle systems 

Easily change Hyacinthus and Agapanthus colors.


Fleurs Pack  1

Flowers Pack 2


Howto use this product ?

Link or append groups or objects you need in your own scene in Blender.

Models are ready to use with Cycles.

Penta Lanceolata Models:

Groups :  Penta-1, Penta-2, Penta-3

File- Append or Link – BQT0054 Flowers_Pack-2.blend-Group – Chose model to import

If you Append the model in the scene you will be able to change flowers and leaves distribution :

First select the stem of the plant in the scene.

Then open Particles tab in properties window and change parameters of existing settings.

! Don’t use Penta Group ‘s Empty to rotate the plant.

To do this, select the branch first then rotate it as youwant. Particles (flowers and leaves) will follow.

Hyacinthus, HesperanthaCoccinea, Agapanthus models:

Objects : Agapanthus-1,2,3,Jacinthe-1,2,3,Hesperantha 1to12

File- Append or Link – BQT0054Flowers_Pack-2.blend - Object –  Chose model to import

Need more help ?

Email me at :[email protected]

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