Floating Windows - The Missing Feature Of Blender 2.8

by BD3D in Scripts and Addons

Floating windows let you play freely with blender 2.8 UI,  allowing you to use basic functionalities that seems revolutionary at first, but are in fact common industry standards. This addon give new possibilities for its users, like for example working in full screen in the node editor while having a preview of your material floating in your workspace.


  • Transform any windows into a “floater”, a blender window that is always on top of other windows, without the need of an external exe what’s so ever.
  • Dupplicate the context area into a “floater” quickly.
  • Hide/Unhide all of your floaters instantly, really handy for cleaning up your view in a second.
  • Invoke one of your custom floater from one of your 8 custom floater slots.
  • Customize your floaters size, location of spawn on a xy coordinate or on cursor, floater name and editor.
  • Some floater editor will have deep customization features like the 3d view floater. I will progressively support more and more customizations on popular demand.
  • Some floaters can be “Special” floaters, for example, i created a “Camera&Light” floater, that automatically set your future floating window to the selected camera or light view, with tons of settings to choose from. I will progressively add other useful special floaters like this.
  • Choose how you want to use floating windows: pick between a pie menu or a regular menu, and many other preferences.
  • you’ll recieve a custom made .exe that can set any windows into an always on top floating state, it can work with any applications, any types of windows what so ever.

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FloatingWindows.exe in action: put anything in an always on top mode, enhance your productivity !