Emma- Rigged

by 3DNation in Models

Emma V2 

New clothing and rig improvements.

Coming soon V3- Facial animation pack(15)+ Animations(20)

Emma V1

Emma is a 22-25-year-old female character. Quad based model. Suitable for gaming and animation. 1K and 2K textures Are included. Make your own cloth for her to match your needs. Full body of the character is included. It is made with the latest version of Blender of 2.79. All parts of the model are in the real world scale, the model can be put simply in your scene.model can be put simply in your scene. 

Stable Version: https://builder.blender.org/download/

Geometry: Quad (98%)

Body: 10K

Cloth: 3K

Subdivision Ready

Rigged: Yes + Facial

Hair: Hair Particle

Note: Rig handles tons of poses with ease. Some weight painting and shape keys will be required for certain poses also masking can be used. 

If you have any questions concerning the product or you need further support please contact. I am happy to help :)