Elinker - Linking Groups Made Easy

by Eibriel in Scripts and Addons

Update 3

New operator to refresh the library!

Update 2

New option! Import previously linked elements to eLinker with Import Group to eLinker option. Select group proxy rig (if needed), then select group main Empty, hit the button and that is it!

Update 1

New options! You can now configure eLinker to add the Group on the Zero position, or the Cursor position, and select if you want to lock the object or not.

Link and Cache with one click!

Linking elements to a scene use to be a tedious process, until now! eLinker helps you link character, props and more to your scene. With just a few clicks, without browsing files. You can also switch between High and Low resolution models after you have linked them and while you animate. When you are done with animation you can bake it to a Mesh Cache, and apply skin fixing, shading, etc..

Designed for studios, built for everyone!

It doesn't matter if you are a freelancer, a small studio, or a big production studio. This workflow was tested and proved to be efficient and fast. Using linked elements you keep your files clean, lightweight and manageable; just make the paths relative. Get rid of repetitive processes, and gain time for the artistic iteration.

Share your setup!

eLinker is fully customizable, you can add as many Libraries of Items as you want. You can name every Library and set a custom folder where eLinker will look for Items. You can also save the settings to an external file to share it at your studio.


And more!

eLinker is constantly improved, and you will get the new versions for Free!

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