Eevee Production Suite

by New Media Supply in Scripts and Addons

Model used in the the images here is Joy from BGShop

Making production with Blender

After 4 a 5 years playing with Blender I found there was one Major problem. Blender is capable of many things from VSE, sculpting, modeling, animation, rendering, scripting, camera tracking, wel you know the huge list. On the other side, even to make a simpel scene (cube, material, backdrop, light, compositing, rendersettings) takes waay to much time. This because there is not even a material provided, barely any presets, and settings are all over the place. You recognise this, right?

So all off my effort in the past two years, is all about making it easier to get to production. Sometimes I need to make a short clip very quickly within half an hour. Before that was not possible, but now I can manage that if need, and I am ready to produce. I am proud of the two products I worked on the past two years, and I bundled them. It’s the EV Express addon and the Material Nodes addon. As soon as I see more opportunities to speed up the workflow, I will include that in the package. I will also promote other addons that work well with the EEVEE Production Suite. KITOPS is a very good candidate and BakeWrangler for example.

Note: This offer works if you want the full suite, or if you have already the EV Express add-on or the Material Nodes add-on.

Included is the EV Express addon that will manage your lights, render settings, backdrop, probes and compositing nodes. Also included is the Material Nodes addon to build your own materials that are compatible with EEVEE and includes a library of 165 procedural and semi-procedural materials.. So everything is arranged and the only thing you have to yourself is modeling or collect assets in a scene. 

This EEVEE production suite will make you producing much faster because you don't have to invent the wheel over and over again.  

The following products are included in the full suite: 

1) EV Express - the lighting studio

EV Express is an add-on that speeds up tremendously the workflow setting up a scene in EEVEE to showcase your model.  No more hassle adjust all the render settings, shadows, contact shadows, probes, etc.  

And this video shows a few of the presets of the EV Express which are all highly adjustable in the EV Express addon: 

Quality Test

Here a quality test where I load assets from Quixel Megascan in the scene. The render took just 4 seconds.

Quality test EEVEE Production Suite with Quixel scans.EEVEE render, 4 seconds rendertime

2) Material Nodes Addon and Material Library

The Material Nodes addon provides more than 40 building blocks to make your own material. You can combine these building blocks and they are multifunctional: they can be used as shader as well as masks. Therefore you can combine these building blocks to build complex materials.  Also included is a library of 165 materials. You can use them also for your backdrop. 

Other add-ons that work well with the EEVEE Production Suite

Those are examples of addon that really speed up the workflow and those are the addons I keep on using.  


- August 04, 2020:  There was a problem with the PlasticFoil and Color_From_Movies nodes that throwed an error.  The fix is in the download called  Best, is first to uninstall the Material Nodes addon, then restart Blender and install the new version. 

- August 13, 2020

  • Updated EV Express to 10.3.1 and is compatible now with Blender 2.9
  • Added more than 50 transitions for the VSE Editor.  Documentation will follow as soon as the VSE Transitions arrives on Blender Market as a separate offer.

- October 32, 2020

Added nodes for the compositor: pivoted contrast, hold-out mixer and improved saturation/desaturation. Some other adjustments. You can find this in the file  There is a video about the pivoted contrast and hold-out here: 


So we can add lighting in our scene literally lighting fast, and apply materials without to much hassle with UV's. We have even speedups for the compositor node. What's next are presets for the VSE, and dimension presets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blender Nation, Blender Market). This latter one speeds also up the worklow because you don't have to look up the dimensions all the time. And in the VSE we miss some transition effects for example.