Easy Rope

by Alexander in Scripts and Addons


Easy Rope - an addon for Blender that lets you easily create hanging down ropes, wires, etc. Update v.1.0!What is it for?

The addon lets you easily create ropes, wires which can naturally hang down with few clicks! 

How to use?

Press the Create button, then you can create 3 types of ropes:

  1. With no loose ends (both ends of the rope will be fixed)
  2. With one loose end (one end of the rope will be loose and another one fixed)
  3. With both loose ends (both ends of the rope will be loose)

When you are in creation mode you just need to add 2 points that can be loose or fixed. 

To create a fixed point: place the cursor wherever you want and press RMB
To create a loose point: place the cursor wherver you want and press Ctrl+RMB
When the second point is created the dynamic rope will appear. Exit the creation mode by pressing Esc and press Alt+A to start animation. You will see how the rope sags down.
Note: RMB - right mouse button (right click)

To create a static rope: select a dynamic one, and press Convert to static.

Note: the addon is created the way that you cannot create a rope with ends in the same location, otherwise you will see a warning.

You can add as many ropes as you want, just add one point then another and the rope will be created, after that you can add as many more ropes as you want without leaving the creation mode.

Features (v.0.8):

  • Easily create hanging down ropes, wires, etc
  • Change rope's stiffness
  • "Apply hanging as shape key"
  • Create dynamic or static ropes
  • Setup rope's subdivision level

Features (v.0.9, update):

  • Create ropes that have hanging end
  • Control simulation speed

Features (v.1.0, update):

  • Fully rewritten code
  • Ropes are based on curves now
  • Rope creation mode was added instead of previous creation method
  • Create ropes with no, one or both loose ends
  • Easily setup the thickness of the rope
  • Easily setup the mass of the rope
  • Easily setup the stiffness of the rope
  • Create ropes with random mass, stiffness and thickness
  • Create helper objects
  • Control the size of helper objects
  • Create dynamic (animated) or static ropes

If you have a feature suggestion, or a feature that you want to be realized in the addon, you can tell me about it and I will try to implement it.

How to install:

  • you need to have Blender 2.79 (other versions might work as well, but are untested)
  • then simply install by file, as a usual addon from file easyrope.py

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