Dyntopo Plus

by Blender Guppy in Scripts and Addons

Dyntopo Plus

Dyntopo Plus add-on came out from a quest to streamline Dyntopology sculpting. The idea here is speed and management. This lets you edit and save Dyntopology settings (Detail Type, Refine Method, Resolution) for the different needs and stages of your sculpt which you can use and reuse with just a simple click without having to change the values every time. Work faster in full screen mode using your tablet with its Pie Menu and minimalist UI.


  • Save your favorite dyntopo settings and manage their order, update or remove them for a linear workflow.
  • Simple and functional UI for a more pleasant work and learning experience.
  • A Pie Menu (Shift-X hotkey in sculpt mode) for added speed when working with other tabs.
  • Use the Mask Extract to create sculpt assets from masked areas of your main sculpt for rapid sculpt sketches.
  • Use the Mask Decimate to manage the resolution of mask isolated areas to create a healthier viewport and boost sculpting speed.
  • Use the Mask Smooth to smooth out mask isolated areas for a more even and controlled smoothing.
  • Easily fill masked areas with vertex color to block out the basic colors.

How To Install

Extract the .py file and copy to your add-ons folder.

Why does the Mask Tools have Apply and Remove functions?

This is to avoid the undo issues when dealing with operation that go from sculpt to object mode. You can't undo this properly in sculpt mode but the operators are meant to let you manage the values and decide wether you want to apply it.

Why does my copy have errors when saving the list?

This add-on is rigged for the latest build. Try downloading that in Blender buildbot and use it with the add-on.

Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 5 from 2 ratings by the community.

  • davide11 about 1 year ago

    This addon makes blender much better than Zbrush!

  • Vincent almost 2 years ago

    Very nice addon, it does everything that is advertised very well and is a welcome addition to blender that really helps my workflow. 5/5

    on another note, is an offset setting for the mask extract and perhaps a working grease cut planned? that would be really great :)

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