Cycles Random Texture Node

by Duarte Ramos in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Unpack the file Cycles_RandomTexture.blend from the ZIP file, it contains a simple placeholder scene just for material testing

  1. In you current blend file append or link the Cycles Random Texture node group by going to
    1. File>Append> or File>Link>
    2. Browse to locate the unpacked file Cycles_RandomTexture.blend
    3. Click on the file and navigate to the NodeTree datatype
    4. Choose the Cycles Random Texture node group.
  2. Use it in any of your own node material by adding a new node group
    1. Press Shift + A menu to add a new node
    2. Under Group>Cycles Random Texture

A node with the following appearance should be added


Now simply connect the color output of the newly added node to whatever color slot you want in a shader (like diffuse, glossy, emission, mix, or any other); or use it along with other color manipulation nodes (mix, color adjustments, or any other) to accomplish more complex texture setups.

Plug in any desired textures to the color slots #01 to #20 starting at the top and leaving no gaps. Use the texture count value above to configure how many random textures should be used.

Color info can originate from image based textures, Cycles procedural textures, or any other nodes, and each can have it's own independent settings, masks or UV coordinate input.