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Cuber is a direct boolean and draw based modelling tool designed to assist hard surface workflows in an intuitive and non-intrusive fashion.

The Cuber add-on is part of the Creative Bundle pack. If you want to experience everything the add-on has to offer be sure to purchase that instead as these add-ons are made to compliment each other.

PDF guide is being reworked.

Basic Workflow



Random Sketches

How To Install

Works for Blender version 2.9+ 

You can also purchase this in Gumroad.


  • Draw based boolean cut, add and slice functions complete with depth, offset and symmetry control
  • Draw based knife tool in edit mode
  • Innovative and fast symmetry operator
  • Enhances the intersect boolean/knife functionality in Blender
  • Quick assign modular beveling with touch and go settings
  • Manage and assign bevel weights with greater ease and control
  • Select sharp functions to compliment beveling and bevel weights assignment
  • Quickly add new materials on objects or mesh face(s)
  • Duplicate/replace active materials of objects or mesh face(s) to quickly create multiple variations
  • Bake material viewport color as vertex color for procedural shading
  • Add your most used materials in a Material Palette list for easy assignment on objects or mesh face(s)

The default hotkey for the pie menu is Alt+X, you can change this in the user preferences settings of the add-on.

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Check out the read_me file for installation instructions, contacts and resources.

Download files has backward versions for compatibility purposes . Use the latest numbered version.

* All updates are free.