Cuber is a direct boolean and draw based modelling tool designed to assist hard surface workflows in an intuitive and non-intrusive fashion.

The Cuber add-on is part of the Creative Bundle pack. If you want to experience everything the add-on has to offer be sure to purchase that instead as these add-ons are made to compliment each other.

How To Install:

Extract the file from the zip folder. Open up Blender, press F4 in the viewport and go to User Preferences > Add-ons, from here use the Install button on those .py files to install them in Blender then manually toggle them on to activate them.

(PDF guides are currently being reworked. It will be passed along with the next update. Check out the readme file for installation instructions, contacts and resources.) 


  • Draw based boolean cut, add and slice functions complete with depth, offset and symmetry control
  • Draw based knife tool in edit mode
  • Innovative and fast symmetry operator
  • Enhances the intersect boolean/knife functionality in Blender
  • Quick assign modular beveling with touch and go settings
  • Manage and assign bevel weights with greater ease and control
  • Select sharp functions to compliment beveling and bevel weights assignment
  • Quickly add new materials on objects or mesh face(s)
  • Duplicate/replace active materials of objects or mesh face(s) to quickly create multiple variations
  • Bake material viewport color as vertex color for procedural shading
  • Add your most used materials in a Material Palette list for easy assignment on objects or mesh face(s)

Watch the Youtube playlists:

Basic Workflow



Random Sketches

How To Install

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The default hotkey for the pie menu is Alt+X, you can change this in the user preferences settings of the add-on.

Visit my Patreon for free .blend scenes where the add-ons are used.

Download files has backward versions for compatibility purposes . Use the latest numbered version.

* All updates are free.

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