Cell Fluids

by specoolar in Modifier Setups

Video demo for the old version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5FVN0NkR0g

CellFluids is a Geometry Nodes powered addon for simulating fluids.

The simulation is sort of “2.5D”. It is based on the scene’s height field and simulated in 2d grid mesh with displacement applied to it.

Requires Blender 3.6 or newer versions.

Check out the Documentation.

Check the video about Exporting flowmap to Unity and Unreal Engine


  • Fast interactive fluid simulations

  • Realistic fluids

  • Lightweight and not resource intensive

  • Works with both Eevee and Cycles (Other external render engines are not supported)

  • Baking any state of the fluid to a static mesh with flow map

  • Exporting baked flowmap to game engines (Unity and Unreal engine)


  • It can’t simulate complex and multilayered fluids, as it is just a plane with displacement.

    Interior scenes like caves, tubes and others can be tricky and problematic.

  • The simulation is not particle-based, don’t expect fully physically accurate simulations.

  • Avoid sharp edge geometry for ground, it can stick out of the fluid in some cases.

  • No viscosity support

    Update 1.6:
    • Ability to export Flowmap to other programs;
    • Reverting baked Flowmap.
    • Other small changes.

    Eevee and Cycles results may not be identical, you may need to adjust material parameters.


    Older Updates:

    Update 1.5:
    • Enhanced visuals, updated textures;

    • Updated simulation algorithm;
    • Simulating small splashes;
    • More controls (foam, noise displacement, splashes, effectors);
    • Dynamic grounds. Same as Ground collection, but can be animated in realtime. Use it to generate waves and block/unblock fluid.
    • Converting a fluid from old version to new.

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