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How long did you look for it?

How many times have you searched, how to import the models in Blender, maybe you use software like Sketchup? 

Are you tired of searching, searching and searching the internet for a solution?

Ok, we're almost there, go on reading, I'm sure you will be happily surprised. Here we are !

I don't know how many times I've been asked this ... So we did it!

What does this addon do?

CatchUp Importer addon does import models via the classic DAE, OBJ format.

Manage a batch import, manage layers, create layers from new files 

A good system of layers that integrates perfectly with the Blender collections, all your layers will be in alphabetical order, you can manage objects, move them, delete layers, just like on a classic CAD system:

Smart import:

If you have encountered this problem in the past,with Collada DAE , forget it! (17.000 objects in this scene!!!) no no ...

We have tried to simplify everything: Only 121 objects

CatchUp Importer is a good solution for importing models from Sketchup, since given the great experience we had on it, we fully understood the functioning of the groups and subgroups, etc.

This led us to understand that in Blender they are managed differently, so we decided to study a method that is as friendly as possible to import a model, with the least possible effort.

With the new "Workbench" rendering engine we have developed 2 simple buttons that set the visualization as if it were a classic CAD program, therefore:

Cad style:

We took the opportunity to make this step simple, for immediate viewing.

Blender can do this view even without CatchUp Importer, but the steps are quite tedious, especially if you're in a hurry

Layer color:

Color by layer? Cheers:

We put a little control on the fly, to resize the original mapping of the texture material.

I don't know if it can help, but we put it on :

The colors of the layers will be automatically generated at the time of creation, or during batch import.

Another big problem that we have tried to solve is when trying to re-import a model, the materials are usually doubled, so we made sure to make a "Merge materials":

If the material slot is not replaced by the user, it is recognized and replaced with that of the new model, look here:In this example I import a cube, the cube will not have materials renamed with .001 .002 .003, as it recognizes the material previously used. You can also decide not to use this function, the choice is yours.

If you change your mind, we have also built a duplicate material cleaning system, look here:

What's better than taking advantage of Blender Eevee's new rendering engine with your imported models,

in this example we added vegetation to enrich the scene, rendered +/- 8 seconds per frame with Eevee with a GTX 1080 TI

Attention, vegetation is not included, it is for illustrative purposes only

Original model:

Extreme PBR addon has just been updated to work with CatchUp Importer, therefore all the materials that will be replaced with Extreme PBR, once the model is reloaded, the materials will remain the same, they are automatically recognized

In addition, you can also install Extreme PBR materials in Sketchup

  • Extreme PBR 1000 Materials + CatchUp Importer:

Hey, don't worry I'm well trained and I'm here to help you!

If you have any questions contact us, we are very happy to answer!  

If you have a problem and have read the instructions correctly, but cannot resolve, write us, if you have any suggestions, they are always welcome! Customer support is important



  • #14/05/2020
  • #catchup_importer_1.0.51  -
  • #Update_version_1.0.51
  • #Pop-up messages produced an error on Blender 2.83, it has now been fixed



  • #16/04/2019
  • #Update_version_1.0.5
  • #Bugfix, if the material names were shorter than 3 characters an error was found, it has been corrected



  • 03/04/2019
  • Update_version_1.0.4
  • Fixed the problem with Imperial units, now the models imported with OBJ format will be recognized according to the unit chosen in Sketchup for the export of the models.

    In addition,(Always exporting OBJ type)  it is no longer necessary to check the metric system at the time of export from sketchup, so if you use millimeters, centimeters, meters, or kilometers, these will be recognized automatically, and consequently adapted in Blender.



  • 31/03/2020
  • catchup_importer_1.0.3
  • Cad Solver Become CatchUp Importer



  • 20/03/2020
  • cad_solver_1.0.1
  • Reported small bug with batch import, fixed in a few hours, now the materials will no longer be duplicated with .001 .002 etc
  • A new button has been created to check for updates



  • 18/03/2020
  • Official release cad_solver_1.0.0


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