Cascadeur To Game Engines

by Pavel Zhukov in Scripts and Addons

What is Cascadeur to Game Engines?

Cascadeur to Game Engines is an addon for Blender to transfer the animations created in Cascadeur to the Unreal Engine, Unity and Godot along with your characters as quickly as possible, with just a click of the mouse.
You can even use the AutoPosing tool to animate your own characters without having to rig them in Cascadeur!

In addition, you can edit these animations to adjust them to the shape of your characters as quickly and easily as possible, in just a few clicks.
Please watch a video showing the entire workflow, including animation tweaking.

Free UE4.26 Demo project + Blend file from this video, with a demo character rigged with Auto-Rig Pro:

Important note:

You must have Auto-Rig Pro installed and activated in order to use this addon.

One of the most important features of this addon is the ability to use the AutoPosing tool for your own characters without having to rig them manually in Cascadeur.

It is known that to use AutoPosing for your own character, you need to add a rig to your character in Cascadeur:

So, with the Cascadeur to Game Engines addon, you can use the AutoPosing tool to animate your own characters without having to rig them in Cascadeur, immediately getting animations ready for use in Unreal Engine, Unity or Godot.
You can even use these animations in other game engines.

The AutoPosing tool is one of the most powerful features of Cascadeur.
This tool allows you to create physics-based animations very quickly and very easily, because AutoPosing is a Deep learning pose prediction tool trained on a huge number of martial arts animations.

Of course, you can use this addon for animations created not with the AutoPosing tool, but with other Cascadeur tools, which also allow you to create high-quality physically correct animations, however, with more difficulty and in more time than with the AutoPosing tool.

In any case, you no longer need to rigging your characters with Cascadeur.
Just use your characters rigged with Auto-Rig Pro. It's that simple.

What exactly does this addon do?

  1. Fully automates the process of remapping standard Cascadeur model animation with Auto-Rig Pro using bones mapping for standard Cascadeur model rig to Auto-Rig Pro rig. It only takes one click and is a big time saver.

  2. Automatically add animations for your character's middle finger, ring finger and little finger since the standard Cascadeur model only has three fingers - thumb, index finger and ring finger. At the same time in my addon there is an option to adjust the expressiveness of the fingers with the parameter "fingers expressiveness".

  3. During the cycle of actions "make changes to the animation in Cascadeur - check how this animation looks on your character in Blender" all scene properties are saved - camera position, selected objects, the current mode, the current animation frame, the position of the Cascadeur's rig, etc. So you can only engage in creativity, not clicking buttons and checkboxes. And it's relaxing and allows you to work as fast as possible.

  4. You can set a checkbox "Try to fix the knee flexion angle" to making your character's legs the same length as the Cascadeur's legs. This CAN be useful for cartoon characters. You can play around with this checkbox to get the result you want.


In my job, I often have to make animations for my characters.
For many years I used iPi Soft Mocap for this purpose.
When I heard about Cascadeur, I completely switched to it, because it allows me to make high-quality physics-based animations up to 10 times faster than with iPi Soft.
That's why I created the Cascadeur to Game Engines addon - I created it for myself, and now I use it in my work all the time.

We all know that the faster we can do our work, the more satisfied our customers will be, the more orders we will have, and therefore the more profit we will have.
In any work the key factor is the time for which the result of the work is obtained.
The less it is, the better both for us and for our customers.

Therefore, I tried to make my addon in such a way as to speed up the process of creating and editing animations as much as possible.
To get an animation ready for use in the game engine, you only need to click once. It couldn't be faster.

Please use it in your work. It will maximize the productivity of your work.
As I myself am constantly using this addon in my work, I will definitely update it with new features.
For example, I plan to add the ability to work easily, quickly, and conveniently with the facial animation.
In addition, there will definitely be a version that allows you to get sprite sheets to use your animations in 2D games.

Thank you!

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