Bpainter V2.0 Rc7

by ndee in Scripts and Addons

A detailed documentation for BPainter can be found here:

BPainter Documentation


BPainter v1.1 Changelog


  • add Alpha Lock per Layer (this lets you lock the alpha per layer)
  • add pie menu for dockers (A Key)
  • take aspect ratio of paint layer into account for plane preview
  • add proper Alpha Output for Paint Channel
  • show message when wrong Shading mode is set
  • search field for layer creation from existing images


  • set active material for plane preview same as for intial object
  • Attempt to fix merging layers crash.
  • update Images when changing the Category for Stencil or Brush Textures
  • advanced menues now also work in upcoming Blender 2.79

BPainter v1.1.2 Changelog

  • fixing problem with loading brushes and textures. When a custom scripts path is in blender, loading resources could give errors in certain conditions

BPainter v2.0.0 RC3 (22.11.2019)

  • First BPainter release for Blender 2.81
  • Introduces a new PBR workflow in Blender
  • New Map Generator to export textures