by Grizzly Compagny in Scripts and Addons

Version Release : See under Please.

Bookify is a Blender Addon that generate Books (3D books).

Bookify has a lot of parameters that allow you to create quickly, one or plain of books in a few clicks.

The addon allows to modify the following category :

Book Language (English, French, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Dutch)

Book Format (control height, and depth, randomness)

Bookify random depth  Bookify random height 

Book Storing (pile, rotation)

Bookify Create Pile  

Book Style (old Book, Collection, Color)

Bookify old Book  

Book Sorting (Sort by name, height, depth ..)

Book Shelve (allow to create a simple shelve to carry books)

Version Release : 

Actual Version 2.3 :

   + Real Size Book in Blender

   + Better Book intergap control (minimum value, and random value)

   + Book Rotation is now in Both Direction (positive and negative)

Version 2.2:

   + First Release