BlendUp, SketchUp to Blender Converter

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BlendUp: SketchUp to Blender Converter

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BlendUp is a SketchUp plug-in to convert your models to Blender and create stunning renderings. It works on Windows and Mac with SketchUp Make and Pro 2014 / 2015 / 2016.


We want you to know what you're buying! We offer a free version of BlendUp called BlendUp LT. This version is limited to SketchUp models with a maximum of 1000 faces. Download BlendUp LT, SketchUp to Blender converter.

Get Started

To use BlendUp or BlendUp LT, you need:

  1. A PC with Mac or Windows (Linux is not supported by the SketchUp SDK)
  2. Blender 2.74 or above
  3. SketchUp 2016/2015/2014 Make or SketchUp 2016/2015/2014  Pro

Ready? Then follow these steps:

  1. Download BlendUp / BlendUp LT
  2. Close SketchUp if necessary
  3. Run the downloaded installer corresponding to your version of SketchUp
  4. Start SketchUp
  5. With SketchUp 2016, you need activate our extension. Open Windows/Preferences menu on Windows (SketchUp/Preferences on Mac), select the "Extensions" tab and activate BlendUp.
  6. There is a new entry called “BlendUp” or "BlendUp LT" in your file menu. Click "Options" and select your Blender path (blender.exe on windows and on Mac). 
  7. Click on "Export" and select the destination of your Blender file

You should now see your SketchUp model in Blender!


Visit our website to get a list of all BlendUp features.

BlendUp exports clean geometries with quads and n-gons

Standard exporters like Collada create unorganized triangles sets with duplicated vertices, wrong normals and incorrect texture coordinates. Because of that, you need to spend hours cleaning your model. BlendUp ensures that the exported Blender geometries match as much as possible to the source SketchUp geometries. SketchUp faces are translated into quads and Blender n-gons. No vertex is duplicated and custom split normals are created. Front and back materials are defined for each polygon as applied in SketchUp.

BlendUp makes rendering easy

SketchUp materials are automatically converted to Blender Cycles materials.
Using our powerful "Append" functionality, you can add your SketchUp model to an existing Blender file and BlendUp will automatically match existing materials based on their names!


BlendUp preserves hierarchy and instancing

The hierarchy you get in Blender matches the one defined in SketchUp's outliner: same names and same parenting relationship. SketchUp components are also properly translated into Blender mesh instances. We also have an option to turn them into Blender groups.

BlendUp maintains accurate dimensions and units

BlendUp supports both imperial (inches) and metrics (meters) systems. One meter (or inch) in SketchUp will be one meter (or inch) in Blender. No need to hack your model scale!

BlendUp makes lighting a breeze

The shadows displayed in SketchUp are automatically imported in Blender!

BlendUp converts all SketchUp views to Blender cameras

Your current view in SketchUp and all your SketchUp scenes are automatically translated into Blender cameras. What you see in SketchUp is what you get in Blender!

BlendUp makes SketchUp edges useful in Blender

SketchUp edges are really easy to define, show or hide. BlendUp can mark them for you in Blender: for unwrapping, for the edge split modifier or for Freestyle. This can be really helpful if you are planning to rework your geometry.


BlendUp is made of two components: - A GPL Blender python script - A ruby and C++ SketchUp plug-in built with the SketchUp SDK. This part is not compatible with a GPL licensing and is proprietary. BlendUp is free of DRM and node lock license: by buying it, one user has the right to install it and use it on any number of computers for its own use.

Release Log

  • Ver 1.4  (February 28, 2016) New "Export Selection" and "Append Selection" tools, support for SketchUp cut openings components, compatibility with non english versions of Blender.
  • Ver 1.3 (November 10, 2015) SketchUp 2016 support, super powerful "Append" tool, simplified materials workflow, Blender group support, improved Blender detection.
  • Ver 1.2 (July 10, 2015) Blender Internal support Video
  • Ver 1.1 (June 19, 2015) improved mac support and blender detection
  • Ver 1.0 (June 8, 2015) Initial release


Documentation and video tutorials are available on BlendUp website. We will be glad to answer your questions on or on Blender Market support webpage if you are a customer.

Bugs and common issues

Before reporting an issue, please check that you are using Blender 2.74 or above and SketchUp 2014 / 2015 (Pro or Make).  In Blender, you need to have "Cycles Render engine" addon activated (this is the default behavior so it should work except if you turn it off yourself). 

On Windows, you need also to check that the .blend file format is associated to Blender ( just double click on a .blend file and check that Blender 2.74 or above opens correctly).

We are still in beta so you may encounter some bugs or limitations that are listed below:

  • Bug: The export doesn't work on Mac when Blender is aleary open. Workaround: close Blender before lauching it.  Fixed in 1.1.
  • Bug: Blender opens but there is no geometry. Workaround: Some Blender addons are conflicting with BlendUp. If you encounter such addon, please send us a mail!

We are doing our best to fix these issues in the next release.

If you face any issue, send us an email!


Documentation and video tutorials are available on BlendUp website (English or French).

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  • F466d4df8a08859091c1bd14ef84d538

    gkaizer 9 months ago

    I will give you more stars when you update it to fit the new version of sketchup

  • Bfeae1b99dbacb006ce4234b05b0cb33

    Paul Kotelevets 9 months ago

    A lifesaver

  • Large

    tcwik 9 months ago

    Game changer

  • E493bca080d79ca187c0bf8acbd3ed30

    kealim 9 months ago

    It work great, but try to email support and never got answer

  • 919e7273502a0bd458edc81843d08c6c

    athanyse 9 months ago

    Happy to render Sketchup works in Blender with Cycles for my customers. Hope you'll keep it updated with future Sketchup versions

  • 07ae90b48b405bb94a399f9e808ca3da

    Aurelio Barrios 8 months ago

    great, saves me hundrets of hours of clean up work!

  • 96fa7533b3aa508c78fa86324981f5bd

    Jake Perl 8 months ago

    As a purchaser of this product I am a bit disappointed that a) it is still not compatible with 2017 and b) you have not responded to any of my several attempts (through various means) to contact you for support over the last month or so.

    In theory this should get 5 stars...if I ever get to use use it with my current version.

  • Ba4f99c09b2cb56b104c1fbd93b82ad3

    Nvizeon 6 months ago

    Works great...but can not install on SU 2017...I hope the developer has plans to update this plugin soon.

  • Large

    Mark Pawlaczyk 5 months ago

    This was a fantastic plug-in, which I used frequently, until I updated to SU 2017. I'm waiting on a BlendUp update that is compatible with SU 2017 and a response from the developer. FYI, I'd be willing to pay more than $35 if they could make it happen as BlendUp was a huge part of my workflow.

  • 111eccc9453859a984174a80719de1a6

    Simon Dahl 5 months ago

    Sure would like to see SU2017 support, but honestly no big issue having an older SU installed to make this work. Fast performance and impressive result.

    Thank you for making this

  • 7f10d79b3dc59e3a33d25a15c7b0e8b9

    dddartist 4 months ago

    no SU2017 support

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