Blender Render Queue

by stephane claudon in Addons

  • What is it
    Blender Render Queue is a super easy to use standalone batch renderer for Blender.

    How it works
    It is a completely separate app from Blender editor on which you can add multiple projects and render them out in the background.
    Simply drag and drop .blend files, sort them out, edit export settings, start rendering and go back working !

    • Minimalist interface
    • Queue ordering
    • On the fly output folder selection
    • Queue recovering if the computer shutted down
    • Auto shutdown computer when queue completes
    • Total render time assessment
    • Realtime progress
    • Remote progress on a cloud folder
    • Log output

It is compatible with Windows, MacOs and Linux.
It should work on Blender v3+, rendering with Workbench, Eevee or Cycles engine.
It uses command line rendering under the hood, so you need to have Blender installed on your machine.

Please note that I'm an unregistered developer to Windows and MacOS so you’ll probably have to manually authorize app installation.
This application is still in development, so forgive the bugs but please report them so I can constantly improve the code.

Thanks !

VERSION 3.0.0 :

  • Added auto shutdown computer option when queue completed
  • Added checkbox to show blender error messages (now disabled by default)
  • Fixes freeze when rendering large image sequence

VERSION 2.0.8 :

  • Fixes blender's exe path error on startup on windows fresh install

VERSION 2.0.6 :

  • Slightly rendering speed improvement with Cycles on the GPU on Windows
  • Better handling of Blender rendering errors
  • Adds Render status message popover on each rendering job
  • Fixes bug on last screenshot when queue finished rendering
  • Fixes bug on list reorder
  • Fixes bug on settings on initial startup

VERSION 1.0.3 :

  • Fixes "Can't retrieve blender scenes" error
  • Fixes cloud progress infos not updating when window is hidden

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Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0
License GPL
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