Bed Sheets Pack

by Albin BKB in Models

3D Bed Sheets Pack

A collection of several assets you'r gonna need in your architectural 3d visualisation. You can switch between different set of sheets, Pillows and duvets.

The Quality you need.

The best balance between High detail and render time, all models was fully optimized.

This high poly models can be used in any purpose without restrictions.

included :

  • High poly Models ( Bed x1, Fitted Sheets x2, Pillows set x4, Duvets x9, extra sheet x1 )
  • Textures
  • 360 image based lighting

3d bed sheets pack is a pack of several assets you are gonna need in your projects. 

it's a saving time resource for architectural visualization. it's simple, open the .blend file and switch beetwen the differents layers to choose wich set you want to combine to creat the perfect bed that will fit your scene perfectly.

All models are already textured. 

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    Paul Kotelevets 5 months ago


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    the3dcie 10 months ago

    Really good, and a great time saver, thanks !

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