B3d Blender 3d Asset Manager

by B3D in Scripts and Addons

B3D Blender 3D Asset Manager is a powerful system built to ease your work in Blender UI.
By buying the B3D Blender Asset Manager you will gain one year of access to more than 1500 different 3D Assets, all prepared for use in Blender via B3D Asset Manager, and all of them updated every month.

3D Assets:
3D Models - 630 pcs
Materials - 500 pcs
HDRI's - 30 pcs
IES Light - 90 pcs
Handwriting fonts - 150 pcs
Skin and Fur
World and Sky

All 3D Assets are updated every month with new and actual 3D Models, Materials e.t.c.

How does it work?
After buying the  B3D Blender 3D Asset Manager your provided e-mail address will be added to the B3D Asset Google Drive server folder so you will get immediate access to all 3D Assets.

Then, using Google Sync and BackUp tools all 3D Assets can be Synchronized with your local PC and used in Online and Offline modes.

When the B3D Asset Manager has been purchased, contact B3D Team via e-mail [email protected] and provide your g-mail e-mail address.
Once it is done, the provided g-mail e-mail address will be added to the B3D Assets Google Drive Server and all B3D Asset Libraries.

Use B3D Assets Directly in Blender
Download and Install B3D Asset Manager free add-on for Blender.

Video examples of B3D Blender 3D Asset Manager

Licenses and Terms of Use for 3D Assets (3D Models, Materials, Add-On, Lights, HDRI, Skin and Fur, World and Sky )

You can:
Use B3D 3D Assets in your projects without any special permission or credits needed.
Use the B3D 3D Assets for Personal or Commercial projects.

The only author and right holder of all B3D 3D Assets are B3D. This can not be changed or transferred.
None of the 3D Assets can be sold or resold.
None of the 3D assets can be included in any other 3D assets collection or library.

GNU General Public License
GNU GPL Version 2 or later
GNU GPL Version 3
Python License
Zlib License
MIT License
BSD License